Misdirections Hua Hin Bush Hash

Next run details

25th June 2022. Run #435

4.30 for a 5 pm start.

Coordinates: 12.50014 99.89373

From Cha Am: Drive south down bypass to km 35 marker and then turn off left, before new flyover, into Soi 112, signed for Hua Hin. Zero odometer and drive 1.9 km. to U-turn signed for Thap Thai. (HHH) Turn right and follow road past front of Tha Cha village for 0.6 km. and turn left.(HHH). Continue for 0.4 km. to car park on left hand side by lake.

From Hua Hin: Either – drive out west along Pala U road to flyover on bypass. Turn left and head south to km. 35 marker and continue as above. Or –  drive south through Hua Hin to Soi 112, just after the railway flyover. Make the U turn beneath the flyover to the roundabout at the east end of Soi 112. Zero odometer and drive 8.3 km. (straight over lights at 7.4 km. ) to a side road on the left signed Thap Thai. Turn left and follow road past front of Tha Cha village for 0.6 km. and turn left (HHH). Continue 0.4 km. to car park on left hand side by lake.

On After: Swiss Europe Butcher Restaurant on Soi 102. Very good Thai and western food. Coordinates: 12.54388, 99.95199.

Turn right out of car park and drive back to Soi 112. Zero odometer,  carefully turn right, and drive 5 km (straight over lights at 0.8 km.) to side road on left (HHH). Turn left and follow road approx.. 150 metres to concrete extension of Soi 102. Zero odometer, turn right  and drive 3 km.   to Swiss Europe Butcher restaurant  on left hand side. Limited parking in front, but easy  to turn left immediately after restaurant and park on road leading to Laguna Village.

Any questions:   Phone   HollowLegs 084 741 740 7

                                          OneFer         094 482 5968

Need a lift? Hollow Legs 084-741-7407 or van.milingen-hhh@yahoo.com


Drinkers ฿200,

Teetotallers ฿100,

Kids 12 years and over ฿50.

Please bring the CORRECT change

“If you have half a mind to join the hash, that’s all you need”.  However, hashing can be a wee bit risky and the hash is not responsible for compensating for any results of risk-taking.  We will try to keep you safe but we depend on individual members to take good care of themselves and their friends and family

It is recommended that you take your cell phone with you and a plastic bag to put it in if rain falls along the trail. You will need to have a phone number in your phone of another hasher who is on the trail.