Hua Hin Bush Hash May Mistakes & Screw-Ups

Hua Hin Bush Hash May Mistakes & Screw-Ups

Latest misinformation from the Hua Hin Bush Hash, after last weekend’s complaints from hashers about the website etc, the site has been simplified and has the directions on the front page for easier use.

and today some of you will see old hash emails please delete them, we are moving over from Google groups as it is causing problems sending out bulk emails,

so you will receive directions etc from the new group

Please subscribe if you haven’t received an email today.

Hopefully, everything will be up and running by 2099

The 1st Hua Hin Bush Full moon will be on the 15th July (Friday) 7pm.

more details to follow

more screw up’s and misinformation to follow soon

On-Sec Penny Lame

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