amazing mountain trail No #434 Hua Hin Bush Hash into the wild! past the billabong Restaurant

Saturday 11th June 5 pm

Hares Hugmannannygoat & Dave the Rave

intrepid hashers set off

A Distant but worth while trip past the well known Billabong Restaurant close to Springfield golf course. The hares never fail to impress with there Sherpa trekking style runs. A confused parking with red ants and a funeral close by, with the beer truck in a scenic location next to the lake, a lovely aroma of goats and cows wafted the air.

A check close to the start stopped the pack to look at a tree full of wasps nests, a semi normal person would soon make haste and retreat but not our Harriette’s, soon we headed towards a steep incline and into the bamboo forest, more long check’s then an even steeper climb over rocks which lasted forever.

More checks again then into thicker bamboo up hill with yet another check, mudman was in front and came running back with a false trail sign so 2 options up or left, which hashers went wandering down then back up again at which point everyone was together as no paper was found, after 10 minutes a faint on on was heard and everyone trundled left after a long distance we found paper, after 50 minutes and 2.5 km covered most hashers took the walkers trail only fool hardy runners Mudman, Donga and honeymoon completed the runners trail.

a last check was found with another long distance to find paper then a welcoming on in sign back to the car park.

But no runners only walkers and 3 missing souls DTR, Sir Ballbanger and Dragon trail who should of been back!

Several phone calls and beers later still no sign of them, then eventually the runners returned, but still MIA hashers, the circle was called as it was getting dark, No volunteers for a search party, nothing unusual, then out of the semi darkness the 3 amigo’s returned wondering what all the fuss was about as they had completed all the trail. ( reminder to make sure they have the volume turned on their phones!)

A million percent improvement from Sir Ballbanger who has amazed us with his determination to keep Hashing, a great job from a very hard trail.

A lively circle continued into the darkness then on after to one of our regular haunts The billabong with food and beer into the night.

Thanks Again to our intrepid Hares, showing us how trails should be set.

Beautiful scenery
Fun in the circle
Billabong on after

More photos here

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