Hua Hin Bush Hash Run #435 Soi 122 Hua Hin 25/06/2022

Mudman gives the instructions.

A cloudy a cool day close to the bypass on soi 122, one hare present mudman but 1 obviously missing PIB, some excuse about Beer and liver! She mustn’t be drinking enough!

visitors and returners gathered round to hear the last instructions before heading off into flat farmland, everybody was happy no hills today, buy other dangers were around the corner!

lots of paper on the ground well marked, soon the runners disappeared as the walkers found a herd of cattle that were easily spooked, easy as you go! round a large lake, why was the hare in the distance?

we soon found out it was a long false trail, so a quick U-turn with instructions to turn right! but it was 6 ft high reeds along a lake, but intrepidly the hashers waded thru, watching out for snakes and spiders, Rubber duck came out first and screamed “False Trail” utter disbelief not again, as everyone U-turned and went back thru again. along dykes “not the female kind”. We are a very open hash we have to be with runners who names begin with “S”.

Then the warning of a small balancing bridge, more of a garden plank to hop, skip and jump over. The Harriette’s halted and bent over, not for relief but they spotted some FREE Shopping a large patch of morning glory which was soon picked and packed and off they went with tomorrows dinner.

Everybody back safe and sound in just over an hr, so thirst quenching commenced, with the hash shits truly deserving there names! into the darkness the circle went on with jokes and down, downs coming thick and fast, on after at the swiss butchers, with more cold ones and delightful food,

Next weeks H2H3 run is an AGM run at 60’s Town not to be missed, maybe something FREE!

more pics here

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