Hua Hin Bush Hash Black Mountain

Run #437 23rd July

Hares Penny lame & Rubber Duck

Close to our usual haunts of Black Mountain but this time down wind around the water parks. The GM hollow legs excited like a Virgin bride on her wedding night as a almost famous Hasher was in town “wild wolf” problem was on himself and Knockout Neptune had heard of him. seems news travels slow in Hua Hin. Even the GM was going to walk today, wonders never cease! Even more strange with everyone wondering what was going to happen, seems nobody remembered to take any photo’s?

A good turn out with many hashers on holiday, good pleasant views towards Burma, runners wondering what mountain the hares would take them up, don’t guess the hare’s you will always be wrong!

A surprise start as the pack split at the start walkers heading along the lake and runners going along the road. good vantage point for the hare’s as we could see what was happening from the car park as the runners had a long false trail before joining the walkers, A merge sign caused some confusion as simple instructions are hard to follow.

Expected time was around 1 hr for runners but some appeared after 45 minutes very fast going with 3 false trails and 3 checks to navigate.

With everyone back safe and sound, even sodomy who arrived late completed the trail on his own.

An excited GM called the circle after lashings of cold beverages, first the hares in the circle RD and PL mostly thumbs up but a few groans about running on roads!

Special order of extra cold ice was brought in for the circle which would not go to waste!

Fire & Ice dropped PL in it again as always asking “were is Penny Lame” innocent to proven guilty.

first on the ice PL and a down down,

The usual jokes and the rubber cock appeared which PL missed and was iced again,

Wild wolf took the circle and sang some Rugby songs from the past and some hash songs more appropriate more male ears.

more hashers iced for misdemeanors, Then PL again for missing the dropping of the cock, as frost bite set in, Hash Shit “pussy Rainbow” entered the circle and awarded PL the Honor, “revenge will be sweet”

As darkness set in, The on after was in an old haunt of the Hash the Issan restaurant on pala u rd, with large amounts of beer and Thai food consumed into the night.

A hash to remember for some, and A hash to forget quickly for other!

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