Run #439 Hua Hin Bush Hash 20th Aug Bypass Road

Run #439 Hua Hin Bush Hash 20th Aug Bypass Road

A Ding a Ling Trail, expect the unexpected, Dry trail till the first 200m then mud and puddles, split at the start, fast walkers and runners, then walkers over the bridge, Excitement was tense after the commando trail in Pretchup, hashers ready to go.

Mudman had put Chang in his petrol tank and broke down, Sodomy was early for a change, a good mix of misfit hashers. Slime back after a bid of 10,000 baht was rejected by Man Utd the offer was too high!

After 2 km the car park was in sight! What a short trail? Hash rules if you see the car park you can return? No we were sent right with the walkers trail, another 5 km to go. Left along the river, right along the river round and around, the Harriette’s fell to the back as they poached a farmers field full of goodies,

long walkers, Tinks, Penny Lame, Brambles Bill cum last! Followed by Max Factor, Honeymoon and Cute Commer, unknown what had been happening in the long elephant grass.

Cold nectar was consumed as twilight broke the GM spoilt the evening by calling the circle.

200 years of Birthday’s celebrated by Sir Ball Banger “who said he was the youngest” Tinks who announced he was 1 year younger, and Penny Pincher 21 again!

Donga returned from another Honeymoon, should of never got the Karma Sutra for a wedding present, Honeymoon wants to re named no more Honeymoons, at least not with Donga.

No Name Nang who had been waiting for a suitable name was christened “Cute Commer”

because of her adventures with a Cucumber!!

Penny Lame eventually lost his Hash Shit, candidates were Cock in a frock and Slime, Slime won the vote for been the meanest with Hash Hats, His attire should of gone to the hash Museum long, long ago!

So off we trundled to delicious feasts at 60’ Town a great hit with the pizza’s and Spare ribs devoured by Hugs, Sodomy got lost and is now heading towards Phuket after forgetting to u turn,

A date to be added to the Hash calender as Tinks gor a sugar rush from the cake and bought some beer’s much appreciated and down downed,

On On to next weeks adventure in the land of smiles and beer!

photos by donga

photos by puss in boots

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