Run #440 Write Up

Hua Hin Bush Hash House Harriers

Run #440 3rd Sept Hua Hin Bush Hash

17th Anniversary Cha-am run.

Rimpha Chomview. Springfield Road.

Hares Onefer & Sir Ballbanger (The Blues Brothers)

With Virgin territory harder to find than a true virgin! And the Government shares in Barbed wire with surrounds the beautiful countryside, the Hare’s promised us a delightful scenic location. Last minute screw up by the Restaurant (“No cook, or Beer!!) we would run from set location but return to our Trusted Restaurant The Billabong,

We had the full run of the car park with great views of hills, but we asked “will we be going up these lovely beauties, protruding like dolly pardons T.ts.”

Beer truck ready, New Hash Cash “Cute comer” ready to deprive you of your Money, How many would show up? Were the Directions correct? Would be a first if someone got lost on the way!

First few cars appeared from the wrong direction! Oh Oh, but google had other plans and brought the hashers thru Mountain View project, who care’s as long as everyone arrives. 15, 20, 30 plus wow a great result with returners and visitors from far away lands as The Philippines and sleepy Chiang Rai.

Circle up was called and Onefer took over as lead hare, as Sir Ball banger was injured from Tiger, snake or a ghost bite! During the laying of the trail.

Usual instructions about cows, dogs and barbed wire, and a haunted house which had the girls a bit worried, maybe this would stop them foraging for Thai delights, Maybe Bamboo shoots and herbs their Favourites.

Off went the runners at lighting speed, and the walkers at their normal speed dead slow and stop, with the Harriette’s following on looking left and right for nature’s bounty,

but the pack slowed down as we came across a killer tortoise in the path, and a shack, was this the haunted house? Out into tapioca fields and lakes, up part of the hill thru humid green forest, lots of herbs to collect. A very scenic route, with a split for runners and walkers to follow, lots of paper to lead us home.

Just over an hour later the first walkers came in first, normally the runners cum first! With ice cold refreshments in the alcoholic and non alcoholic kind waiting, snacks and chatter prevailed, social drinking and a share out of the bounty collected, no market trip needed tomorrow.

Circle called by the GM Hollow legs a unanimous thumbs up for the hares for a job well done, We had visitors from the Philippines pinballs and Condom in him! Who enjoyed the run immensely, and visitors from Chiang Rai Pear and Mario introduced by Pussy Rainbow, who is the Hare next time out!

Hash shit was quickly diss guarded by Slime to Sodomy, for not breaking checks and he was dispatched to sit on the ice!,

RA Knockout Neptune took over for charges in the Circle. As darkness fell we headed off to the Billabong Restaurant for more refreshments and Dinner.,

Next up The Wednesday run in reverse order and Thursday The 3rd Hua Hin Full moon Hash.

On On

Onsec Penny Lame.

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