Write up Bush Hash run #441 soi 112

Write up Bush Hash run #441 soi 112

Run #441

Hare pussy Rainbow

Location soi 112 behind Moda Residence next to the lake.

Expect the unexpected we thought with Pussy Rainbow setting his first trail in Hua Hin, quite a well known location for Hashers, what could go wrong! but hey this is the Hash,  a mixed bag of fruit cakes gathered around, young and old and older still, Recently numbers are growing with our foraging Harriette’s who wander off to gather gods delights, may it be herbs, bamboo shoots or mushrooms. 

8 days a week of marketing is paying off 4 Virgin hashers from Instagram and facebook,  1 newbie from Knockouts Harem of foragers.

Welcome to you all hope we see you again soon.

As the Hr mark approached 30 plus hashers gathered around then Pussy Rainbow gave us Trail directions of sorts which rambled on, walkers and runners started in different directions, walkers around the usual route around the lake and runners into the pineapple fields and back into well place mud holes, a severe shortage of checks and false trails so the FRB’s shot off, 

round the lake we went, then a traffic jam as the farmer moved his herd of cows directly into the hash trail, then along a never ending path, left back onto concrete, paper on left, right everywhere,  runners shot forward into a loop around a field then right into more loops never to be seen again or not for a long time, some walkers took the easy route left back to the car park. were cold refreshments were waiting, walkers, returned, some runners, more walkers etc etc 

But we were missing 2 new Hashers mel and her brother, frantic phone calls and a quick search by the hare, and they trundled in with a smile on their faces.

Talk of the Samui trip with ideas about helicopters, planes, bicycles and other modes of transport to get there, even talk of Xmas eve and New Year runs!

with an earlier start should mean an earlier finish, but with the GM memorised by seeing a girl in a pretty dress and forgetting the time, drinking continued till 5.50pm

Circle called and the hare lamented for not enough checks and false trails but well done for setting it on his own. Hash virgins questioned and down downed, the Hash shit presented to the hare by Sodomy, A quick turn by the RA Knockout Neptune then more from the GM who was fixated with his cock! rubber that is!

On after was at pooks kitchen with a limited menu, but plenty of cold beer till late, 

A little Extra story by Hugmanannygoat from the on after!

Dave The Rave got to the On After early, He spotted 3 people sitting at a table and thought they had Hash T-shirts on, He went over to them and said “Hi”, They said “Hi” back because they were probably friendly people, DTR then put both hands on the table, leaned into them and said…”They will never fit us all in. What is going to happen when they all come”

The people at the table looked at DTR as if he had escaped from a loony bin,

But DTR carried on…
“Do you think we could get a bigger table”

DTR then went to sit down beside them, until the owner came over and told Dave the hash table was “over there”. At this point DTR realized he was talking to complete strangers who thought hash was for smoking!

Dave left the strangers table while saying “oh you are not on the hash” to which one of them replied “no, but you obviously are!”

Another eventful day cum to an end, next week’s run unknown yet!

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