Hua Hin Bush Hash Run #443 Write up

Hua Hin Bush Hash Run #443 Write up

15th Oct 4pm Start, 39 Hashers, Hares runner Duck & Paddyredbelly

When is a Trail a Trail or just a walk? round and round the Duck pond, Scenic Yes, Challenging No, after a week of rain and promises of shiggy we got hard mud paths, 2 runners loops, and a check. dark clouds and wind but no rain till the last moments of the circle.

39 brave soles attended the run with a guest appearance by Farmer John and even Cathusulum, 

a sprinkling of Returners including Sloppy Camel and family, Smelly Fingers, & Aunties Bitch from Bangkok,

young and old, and older still, some tall, some fat, some fast, some slow and that was just the Harriette’s!

With coordination between the 2 Hashes both synchronizing the Sun dials to 4pm, we had everyone ready to walk, run and forage!

With Hashers starting in 2 directions the walkers shot off knowing there would be no short cuts around the lake

 unless you wanted to swim across the shark infested lake.

A check found but there was only a straight path ahead so a no brainer there! lake on the left with dark clouds above and a lovely autumn cool breeze.

Runners shot past straight to a Herd of cows which decided to join the run much to the farmers discontent. so on on round we went!

Back to the car park and cold thirst quenching beers awaiting, clean dry shoes everyone happy, with Talks about Halloween and Christmas and The H2H3 500th Run, busy times for everyone.

Circle called but only half a circle? the forging gang missing they had spotted a fisherman and decided to relieve him of his daily catch 200 baht for a tonne of fish!

Fish on the menu for the next week,  A warm welcome back for Farmer John from his exile in the UK, 200 Vaccine’s later he has returned.

Hares Rubber Duck & Paddy Redbelly riled by the runners for the lack of paper, but Walkers agreed no paper needed on a round trail!

Visitors down downed and Welcomed back, Hugmannygoat tried his hardest to sing alternative different Hash songs, but most Hashers have problems remembering their names never mind a songs verse!  Dave the Rave refused to come into the circle as he was trying to get FJs Girlfriends Tel number!!

More charges by the RA Knockout Neptune 20 minutes after asking who was Hash shit, Flash in a pan remembered it was her and thought the award for for doing something Helpful on the Hash, and tried to award it to Penny lame, but after a quick lesson on Hashing, she awarded it to Rubber Duck.

more useless information by Hollowlegs and circle closed and Halloween tickets sold for the Halloween on after party.

On after at Old Carwash Restaurant but in true Thai style half the staff had absconded, bellys rumbled and rumbled, self service was order of the day for beer, as the waitress’s came and went with Empty hands. The Few lucky recipient’s commented they enjoyed their Indian Curry’s, but with a sea of Empty plates alternative arrangements were made, It wouldn’t be a Hash if something never went wrong! A streak of Bad luck in Hua Hin 2nd time in a week, Restaurants have let us down, maybe sandwiches and barbequed Hashers for the on after!

On On to our fun filled Winter season….

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