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The Hua Hin Bush Hash House Harriers

Hua Hin Bush Hash House Harriers (H2BH3)

emerges and replaces our Mother Hash

The Cha-am Hash House Harriers

Cha-am Hash (CAH3)

We are registered as Hash Kennels, (HHBH3) on the 1st of May 2022.
CAH3 was an offshoot of the first Hash in Hua Hin,

(same locations and hashers)

moving into the modern era of the internet and internet searches, we were in the wilderness. With a very fine line between the 2 hashes with both running opposite weeks, to better promote Both Hua Hin Hashes and stop confusion for internet searches, visitors and hashers.
A unanimous decision was made by the committee to rename CH2 to H2BH3, all run counts etc will carry over, as CH2 will still be our original name, and we will not forget our roots and history.

We run walk or whatever you want to do every other Saturday, alternate Saturday is the Hua Hin Hash House Harriers late afternoon in the Hua Hin area for around an hr or so, We charge a small fee of 200 baht for drinkers and 100 Baht for non-drinkers.
after the run we have an informal circle with jokes and games, afterwards, we go to a local restaurant for dinner.


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