Data protection Act

Hua Hin Bush Hash

Personal Data Act.

Use of your personnel data is for Hash Info Only.

i.e. sharing Directions and Hash News.

Use of your HASH NAME & Photo’s for marketing purposes,

and record info on run details.

What is considered personal data?

The definition of personal data, as defined in the Royal Gazette, is translated as “any information relating to a person that enables that person to be identified, whether directly or indirectly. This does not extend to information related to deceased persons in particular.”

We are committed to keeping Emails and data safe from Spam and misuse.

We have the full copy of the New Data Protection act (35 pages)

If you wish a copy We can forward it to you.

Any questions or concerns about this, you can email us

and we always have an unsubscribe link in emails.

if you no longer wish to be part of the group let us know and we will delete all your information”