Hua Hin Harriette’s Full Moon Hash Run #4

Next Run Kow Takieb

13th October 6.30 pm

Hares Penny Pincher & Cute comer.

Hua Hin Full Moon Hash Run #3

Hua Hin Full Moon Hash #3A new location on Soi 70 a rather pleasant Thai Esan Restaurant Behind Big C, Soi 10, found while walking the trail. Weather forecast rain with a hint of torrential rain hope we don’t get the Bangkok Black clouds. Dark and dry is OK but not Dark and wet.Paper layed or might likely hung from Electricity poles and trees. Flour and chalk to complement the trail for walkers and runners.Compulsory False trails and Checks a speciality of Penny Lame. Keeping them close in the dark is the name of the game.

Ice bags ready with water and soft drinks, African Queen first to show, regulars and some Hash virgins, marketing is paying off, We welcome everyone.First worry of the evening for Knockout Neptune was everyone pays the same, but it came to light or came in a flash, that 99% attendee’s were Non drinkers! How to do the beer stop?Normally the problem on Hashes is over consumption of the amber nectar, but with 3 stand out drinkers in the pack, Knockout, Penny and Tinks, This would be a very interesting Hash and Beer stop.

Proposed 6.30pm start Twilight time, 3rd Hash same time as last, but 1 Runner missing “Tinks” a quick call to find out, turns out he thought it was 7pm! Even seasoned Hashers can’t read Roman Numerals! The Hash has more time changes than holes in a Swiss cheese. Hashing is Hashing, we run rain or shine, whatever time of day it is!The Pack dashes of straight into a false trail, here we go again,Penny Lane and Penny pincher dash of in the opposite direction wondering how to do a beer stop with no beer!, at 7/11 Dinosaur Market, A quick stock up of soft drinks of all colours, water a plenty, The front runner sodomy shows up quickly followed by everyone else, everybody dispatched down a dark lane, the first 2 km was easy, false sense of security maybe, more checks and false trails to come, The beer bike quickly packed and moved to a rather suspicious Y junction to direct runners accordingly, then a hop skip and a jump to the next soi, to welcome them all again, unknowingly to the runners they will cross the same road 5 times!! from different soi’s.Back to base to welcome the runners and walkers back around an hr or so for the 6 km trail. Tears of joy ran down my leg seeing people enjoying themselves with soft drinks, more beer for the Hares, what a result. Snacks, dips, and delights served by max Factor, A popular Hasher is it her friendly personality or the Snacks she provides or both?A few Hashers could not wait to sample the Restaurant delights, and a small friendly circle was called, Returners and Hash Virgins called in, questioned thru the Hash Translator Penny Pincher. All agreed they “would Cum again”Tink’s got a Special down Down for not reading misdirections.Shame on him so we ate and drank till late, enjoying our New Surroundings and friends.

On On To Full Moon #4A Special Harriette’s Full Moon Hash in

Kow Takieb, 13th October.

6.15 for a 6.30 pm start, bring a torch.

Turn left into soi 10 Hill Lek Fai, Soi 70 past the school before Big C, restaurant on the right past the grey apt, parking rear and front. Krua Chadakaew Hua Hin

Pictures from Full Moon run #3

8th Sept 6.15 for a 6.30 pm Start



hua hin full moon hash

Location Ga Hanoi Restaurant

Hares Penny Lame @ Knockout Neptune

6.30 pm start includes 1 beer stop 100 baht water supplied.

Direction to Start

Fun evening walk around Hua Hin close to the Full Moon.

1st Hua Hin Full Moon Hash

Full Moon Hash Friday July 15th 7 pm Start.

New date as Thursday is a dry dry No alcohol

Hares Penny Lame & Knockout Neptune.

Cost 100 Baht

includes 1 Beer stop.

BYO beer and water.

great turn out 14 attended, had a beer stop and a circle at the end with more free beers, 1 naming of Ga now “penny pincher” a confused pack not used to running in the dark and with 7 false trails and checks the pack stayed together.

Thanks to Ga Hanoi for helping and hosting our on after party & cheers Bar soi 88 for the on on after social drinking and dancing. Next full moon run Thursday 11th august 7 pm.

Location Ga Hanoi soi 88

Interested in Haring A full moon run please email