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  • Hua Hin Bush Hash Run #443 Write up
    15th Oct 4pm Start, 39 Hashers, Hares runner Duck & Paddyredbelly When is a Trail a Trail or just a walk? round and round the Duck pond, Scenic Yes, Challenging No, after a week of rain and promises of shiggy we got hard mud paths, 2 runners loops, and a check. dark clouds and wind
  • H2BH3 Meeting Summary 10th Oct
    A committee meeting was held on the 10th October by Hollow legs Knockout Neptune Onefer Penny Lame Cute comer. Summary of Meeting- Christmas Eve Run to be at normal time 4pm and be a Town Run, Red Christmas Hat’s please location Ga Hanoi soi 94, Hares Penny Lame & Knockout Neptune. Run fee’s and Payments
  • Hua Hin Bush Hash 1st Oct write up run #442
    Location across bypass soi 112 Hares Knockout Neptune & Penny lame 4pm start 27 attendees The weather forecast was for a thunderous tremendous downpour all week, with all the satellites and technology all we got was a few grey clouds and a dry trail! Hash luck holds out for another week with the weather, Virgin
  • Hua Hin Bush Hash Sept Newsletter 2022
    What’s Cumming next!
  • Write up Bush Hash run #441 soi 112
    Run #441 Hare pussy Rainbow Location soi 112 behind Moda Residence next to the lake. Expect the unexpected we thought with Pussy Rainbow setting his first trail in Hua Hin, quite a well known location for Hashers, what could go wrong! but hey this is the Hash,  a mixed bag of fruit cakes gathered around,
  • New Start Times
    Announcement Hua Hin Bush Hash House Harriers New Start Time 3.30 for a 4pm Start Time. This will start from run #441 17th Sept 2022 After much consideration and comments by Members and to stop confusion, This run time will run till April 2023 and be reviewed accordingly. Originally The Hua Hin Hash had a
  • Run #440 Write Up
    Hua Hin Bush Hash House Harriers Run #440 3rd Sept Hua Hin Bush Hash 17th Anniversary Cha-am run. Rimpha Chomview. Springfield Road. Hares Onefer & Sir Ballbanger (The Blues Brothers) With Virgin territory harder to find than a true virgin! And the Government shares in Barbed wire with surrounds the beautiful countryside, the Hare’s promised
  • Run #440 3rd Sept 17th anniversary run Cha am Hash
  • On Sec Report Aug 2022
    On Sec Hua Hin Bush Hash Report 2022 1st – 4 months of The Renamed Hua Hin Bush Hash. A successful Transition from The Cha- am Hash Name, positive feedback from local and International Hash Houses,  as we are now easier to find online and in presence. We had an increase in visitors from Bangkok and
  • Run #439 Hua Hin Bush Hash 20th Aug Bypass Road
    A Ding a Ling Trail, expect the unexpected, Dry trail till the first 200m then mud and puddles, split at the start, fast walkers and runners, then walkers over the bridge, Excitement was tense after the commando trail in Pretchup, hashers ready to go. Mudman had put Chang in his petrol tank and broke down,
  • Hua Hin Full Moon Hash 2
    11th Aug 2022, Ga Hanoi soi 88
  • Only a fool would of done this Weekend! many fools did!
    Madness and hashing goes hand in hand for the Hua Hin Hashers, a week of all weeks with the Wednesday reverse walk 7.5 km, Thursday Full Moon 6 km, Then Saturdays Across Thailand Jaunt 14.5 km and a killer Temple walk Sunday 360 steps to hell deffo not Heaven. A Big Thank to The Bangkok
  • Bangkok Out station update #4
    FOURTH ANNOUNCEMENT – BH3 PRACHUAP OUTSTATION RUN RUN ACROSS THAILAND LONG WEEKEND – August 12 to 15 Open BH3 RUN on Saturday 13th HM Queen Sirikit – Queen Mothers birthday Friday August 12 If you have not done so, please register with the hare Ian ‘Codpiece’ Potter – and 0628979646 IMPORTANT INFORMATION Key contacts:
  • Bangkok outstation run across Thailand update (3)
    Prachaup Kiri Khan Outstation run Saturday 13 August RUN ACROSS THAILAND Third Announcement  Please register with the hare Ian ‘Codpiece’ Potter – and 0628979646  See the second announcement below for Hotel details Outstation FeesEstimate of Bt 1000 per person, includes:The run fees (BH3 quarterly payers will be reimbursed later by Hash Cash)T shirtTransport to and from
  • Hua Hin Bush Hash Black Mountain
    Run #437 23rd July Hares Penny lame & Rubber Duck Close to our usual haunts of Black Mountain but this time down wind around the water parks. The GM hollow legs excited like a Virgin bride on her wedding night as a almost famous Hasher was in town “wild wolf” problem was on himself and
  • Hua Hin Bush Hash #436 9th July
  • Bangkok Hash out station Run across Thailand
  • Hua Hin Bush Hash Run #435 Soi 122 Hua Hin 25/06/2022
    A cloudy a cool day close to the bypass on soi 122, one hare present mudman but 1 obviously missing PIB, some excuse about Beer and liver! She mustn’t be drinking enough! visitors and returners gathered round to hear the last instructions before heading off into flat farmland, everybody was happy no hills today, buy
  • RIP Franke
    A sad loss to the Hashes in Hua Hin, Franke will be sorely missed by all in Hua Hin, a lovely friendly dog on the trails full of life, a true trail blazer. gone far too soon, our sympathy goes out to Rubber Duck in this sad time.
  • amazing mountain trail No #434 Hua Hin Bush Hash into the wild! past the billabong Restaurant
    Saturday 11th June 5 pm Hares Hugmannannygoat & Dave the Rave A Distant but worth while trip past the well known Billabong Restaurant close to Springfield golf course. The hares never fail to impress with there Sherpa trekking style runs. A confused parking with red ants and a funeral close by, with the beer truck
  • Latest On On Hash House Magazine for May 2022
    Click here to get all the Hash news from around the world, you can download previous editions too, a great read and brilliant photo’s. features on Hashers and Hash Houses, Hash History and facts. Thanks to the Desert hash.
  • Hua Hin Bush Hash May Mistakes & Screw-Ups
    Latest misinformation from the Hua Hin Bush Hash, after last weekend’s complaints from hashers about the website etc, the site has been simplified and has the directions on the front page for easier use. and today some of you will see old hash emails please delete them, we are moving over from Google groups
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  • Hua Hin Bush Hash Needs you!
  • Bangkok HHH Outstation Nong Khai
  • Great News article about Hashers and what they do.